Graphic Novels and "beyond"?!

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Here's a future vision about Our Partnerships from the Vision 2015 report:  "As an inspiration for the future, the Library's unique expertise and partnerships with authors, teachers, and even bookstores, encourages people of all ages with an interest in doing so to develop the skills and discipline to write and publish literary works, from more traditional forms of "books" to graphic novels and beyond." (p.19)

If I didn't know better, I'd think that the authors of this report are unaware of the digital revolution that has been going on now for a decade or more! Our future partnerships with the literary output of our communities is bound to be digital! Future authors are today's children. They're growing up digital. The lowest-barrier, lowest-cost publishing medium is digital. The authors may feel that the "beyond" in their sentence encompasses all possible digital formats, but that's not good enough. Since the web is already revolutionizing the ability of people to communicate with their community (not to mention, to form new communities), a Vision for 2015 (or for any time in the future) has to acknowledge that.

I just had to get that off my chest Wink

BC Library Assoc 2009

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Just spent three exhausting days at our annual provincial library conference: BCLA 2009.

We brought Marie Radford out from Rutgers University for two sessions about VR, reference quality, and her recent research about patrons perceptions of reference. That was excellent.

They also had Michael Stephens  as the Plenary speaker. I certainly hope his Hyperlinked Library presentation made an impression on those who need to be impressed. That's not a backhanded-complement. What I mean is that for some segment of the audience, much of what Michael says is what we already understand and seeing his presentation is energizing and affirming, if nothing else. But for an unfortunately large and powerful segment of the population, it's what they need to understand. I just hope that they'll eventually get it. 

As for me and my long, drawn-out attempt to Respond to the VPL Vision 2015 document, BCLA just emphasized that whatever detailed prescriptive suggestions I write about will likely no longer be the latestd greatest buy the time I've finished writing but, by the same token, we need to push risk-averse, digital-averse libraries harder to meet their new patrons needs with new services so I'd better hiring up and get this over with (and move on to the next thing).

Books are the brand in 2015?

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The Board of my library has commissioned a Vision and Plan 2015. The short form of the vision is "to connect people with a world of ideas". It is a detailed plan that tries hard to put readers into a future-looking frame of mind and to imagine what their library should be in 2015.

 Of the six strategic goals presented by this Plan, #2 is "Re-brand the library as being books, but much more, emphasizing its role as a communty builder and library staff as catalysts for culture and learning". That's where I start to have trouble with it and my trouble continues though much of my reading of the rest of the plan. In short, books already are our brand, we don't need to build on them at all. In fact, I believe that for an increasing cohort of our communities, the Books-brand obscures their view of all the other things we can do for them.

 I'm writing a detailed response to this Plan and over the next couple of weeks I'll publish it here. Hope you can come back and read it.


ps: and if I can find a link to the Vision & Plan 2015 from the Library's site, I'll post it here for sure. :-)