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My day at the Community Forum

I went to the SFU Public Square Forum: Charting BC's Economic Future on October 4th and the first thing I thought of when I entered the front doors of the Conference Centre was, "Gee, am I the only guy who is not here as part of his job?" It looked like every guy except me was wearing a grey suit and very few of the women were not wearing grey or black, either. This Forum was the culmination of SFU's Community Summit and I was invited because I had facilitated one of the 100 Community Conversations on a particular theme of own. I figured that everybody there would be one of these people. No, it turns out I was mistaken about that. The opening panel was Institutional leaders. In fact the whole room was full of these folks. Except me. I thought, Hmmm....  this is gonna be innerestin. And it was.

Container ships and me

I spent a week on Pender Island sitting on a nice little beach . It faces Boundary Pass through which all the freighter traffic to and from Vancouver Ports travels. I started thinking about the basics of our economy: heavily loaded bulk carriers head out to the Pacific. Container vessels carrying cheap crap come back. When I got home I posted some pictures to twitter.

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embeedub I vaccinated my daughter & 15 years later she's moody & doesn't want to clean her room. COINCIDENCE?

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phall715 @sios Ahhh... But not all books are equal. How about 2 long books? Or one reeeallly haaaard book? :-)

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phall715 Checking out the new audio gear for Inspiration Lab for 1st time. Good to see those jagged lines on the screen: it w… pic.twitter.com/H5T4EK7XyZ

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andrewkpace What does Advocacy success look like? QOTD: "When the ALA is as well known and influential as the NRA." #alacouncil #alamw15

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phall715 @BRintoul Well I'm hoping now that they're digitized, further conversions are easier. But that may be foolish optimism :-)

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Video: Are we Irrelevant, yet?

Are We Irrelevant Yet at VPL, December 2013.