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Man, Michael Wesch sure is good.

I just had a look at this and I am really impressed. This is exactly what I've been digging at for years (although, from a different direction and without being able to lay it out so amazingly well). Maybe you've all seen this already; I don't know. He's the guy who did this one (the one that was shown at an all-staff meeting at my library a couple years ago). He also did this great little video called A Vision of Students Today about the disconnect between students and traditional university learning. 

But it's the first one, called Information R/evolution that I'm most excited about. I've written before (among other things and years ago here  and here)  that we're coming out of hundreds of years of acculturation towards printed information. Information that's linear and fixed in static documents. Increasingly I think this sense of information as either fixed (the old way) or flexible (the new way) is creating a divide among citizens of, probably, most of those parts of the world where the web is generally available. That divide is, to some extent, also along generational lines but looking at this as a generation gap would be a big mistake. It's much more profound than that. It's not necessarily limited to a younger generation and it cuts right down the middle of some professions: particularly mine (librarianship) but also academics, teachers, and others. If we don't get a handle on this, it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 



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