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Let's have a Community Conversation for Librarians

I want to host one of these SFU Community Conversations (http://www.sfu.ca/publicsquare/community-summit/2013summit/community-conversations.html). I'm sending Facebook and Twitter messages to a handful of colleagues. I think we could have a conversation among a small number of us (perhaps a dozen or so) as individual professionals. I know some of our institutions will probably hold Community Conversations and some of you my be part of those conversations instead. I also know that some of you are already impossibly busy. But I think our professional perspective is also valuable. I've emailed the SFU Public Square office about this idea and they like it. We have to hold the conversation in September. I don't have a venue but I think we could get a meeting room or even someone's house.
The "conversation" I think we could have that supports Community Summit is this:
How do we build a culture that avoids the echo chamber?  How do we use our expertise, training, and disposition for neutral, problem-solving points of view to educate and inculcate our communities to tolerate opposing viewpoints? Knowledge and information are changing and they have left the confines of the library collection, but what we have to offer now is the ability to take information from where ever it can be found and build knowledge that is informed by all perspectives, not just the one that echoes  what you already believe.
Of course, I know that if I get twelve or fifteen of you in a room you might just choose an entirely different topic; one that is better and that I could never have expected! Let me know if you're interested, I'd love to hear from you.  If you're here, you probably already got a message from me. You could reply to that or just send a "comment" to this site.

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